Blowout Junkie


Caroline - Blowout JunkieEnd of summer heat and humidity got your hair down? Never fear, Blowout Junkie is here! This sleek, new blow dry bar in River North is a hot new spot for all of your hair blowout needs. Three sisters own the salon and are dedicated to keeping it clean and sophisticated with a focus on maintaining a level of superior customer service. Upon entering the modern, upscale venue you will be greeted by a friendly receptionist offering you a beverage along with an iPad, which has fashion and gossip magazines pre-downloaded for your reading convenience along with all of their blowout options on the iPad!

The blowouts are $40; styles include the Junkie Signature Blowout, topknot, beach waves, and retro polished waves. Your stylist will do a consultation with you prior to beginning the blowout to ensure you get what the look you want. Feeling addicted? Become a junkie addict- $115/month gets you 3 blowouts per month plus a few other perks! The salon carries top-notch products including Moroccan Oil and Living Proof. So what are you waiting for? Become a Blowout Junkie today!

Blowout Junkie is located in River North at: 445 W. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60654

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By Caroline Fanger Thompson, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member


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