What the Fall!?


The kids are back in school, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s still 70 degrees here in beautiful Chicago. Don’t get me wrong, Chicago is amazing in the fall, but after the winter we had, we SO deserve a little extra sun. So let’s put down the PSL and celebrate!

Here’s how you can ditch the summertime sadness and make the most of this amazing weather we’ve been having.

1.) Two words: al fresco
My personal favorite is Frasca’s in Roscoe Village. It’s right off the Brown Line Paulina stop. Frasca’s calls themself a pizzeria and wine bar, but there’s so much more to their menu; for starters, the bruschetta. You can pick 3-6 different types to sample. My favorite is the bleu cheese topped with grapes. Go grab some friends, order a bottle of wine, and enjoy some incredible food while dining al fresco!

2.) Biking the lakefront path
This is the perfect time of year to grab a divvy bike and bike the lakefront trail. All the kids are back in school and the tourist are for the most part gone. Plus, it hasn’t been too hot or humid so you don’t have to worry about getting super sweaty and looking like a hot mess.

3.) Walk through the Lincoln Park Zoo
The zoo is easily one of my favorite places to visit, especially during the change of seasons. Where else can you enjoy great city views, see the monkeys, and have a picnic all in one day?

4.) Lake Michigan
I mean, this is a pretty obvious one, but a trip to the beach is always a good idea. The beaches should be a little less jam packed than they were a few weeks ago, so why not take advantage? Just make sure to bring some SPF, especially if you’re a fair skinned Irish girl like me!

5.) Visit the dog parksunnamed-1
You’re not the only one who is obsessed with this warm weather! Bring your pup to the local dog park and let them run around! Since my pup loves the lake just as much as I do, I’d have to recommend the dog beach at Montrose. There’s free parking and the dogs can run around the beach, play fetch, and swim in Lake Michigan. If you don’t have a pup, it’s always a fun place to “puppy watch” which is basically people watching but WAY cuter.

Alright, I’ll keep this list short and sweet so we can stop reading and get out there!

By Brigid Slattery, 2014-15 Topics & Trends Managing Editor


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