Poltergeist 2014 Recap


The Junior League of Chicago (JLC) hosted its annual Halloween Party at the Crimson Lounge located in Hotel Chicago. The party was aptly named Poltergeist 2014, as it crawled with a myriad of characters throughout the night. Everyone was decorated from head to toe in some of the most creative costumes that I’ve seen. From ghosts and corpses all the way to a young man dressed as Tinder, Poltergeist 2014 was nothing short of exciting and fun. poltergeist 2

When you walked into the Crimson Lounge, dark tones filling the room, you knew that you were about to take part in a spectacular night. The venue was the perfect setting. As I made my way through the double doors I came across many people showcasing their unique style and creativity for each costume. I was greeted by one of my very own small group associate members, Elizabeth Walsh, who was dressed as Pippi Longstocking, with her two braids sticking out perfectly.  I was amazed and personally thought she had used a lot of hairspray, however, she simply used a wire hanger and bent it in the shape of headband, which to me is creativity at its best.

I continued to make my way through the party, stopping to say hello to some ghosts, Johnny Depp, and even a doctor, but not just any doctor, Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy, to be exact. When I asked Dr. Shepherd why he picked his particular costume he told me, “Why go as a regular doctor when you can go as McDreamy.” The night was starting off just as wonderfully as I had hoped and next made my way to my favorite section, the food. There I ran into Fred and Wilma Flintstone talking and relaxing before they made their way back to the dance floor. Shortly after, I was joined by another one of my small group members Lora Seibold, who was dressed as the perfect ballerina. We all danced and talked as our night of fun continued.image1

This night was shaping up to be another successful JLC event, and the best part, the costume contest, had not even arrived yet. My personal favorite costume of the night won, the showgirl. The creativity behind this costume was undeniable, complete with a headdress of black feathers encased with rhinestones and a t-shirt with the shape of woman’s body in a pink bra and top. The next costume, that also was given well-deserved recognition, was the young man dressed as Tinder. This young man’s costume stole the show for this night. He wore a cardboard cutout with his Tinder name along with a red shirt complete with gold chains that had dollar signs on them. To say he was being creative does not do him justice, this was definitely the costume of the night. IMG_5845

Throughout the party, I learned that Halloween is not only a chance to dress up or eat a lot of candy, but for each one of us to showcase our creativity. Whether it be applying makeup in order to create a gruesome wound for your costume, or the young lady I met who created a dress just for her doll, Halloween is a time for us to have fun and showcase the many talents we have. I enjoyed walking around guessing what people were dressed as and seeing how everyone took their own unique spin on a costume. Poltergeist 2014 gave me another night of wonderful memories that will forever be cherished by all the people who made it unique. JLC, I commend you for always bringing such exciting events into my life.

By Kristen Rice, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member



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  1. Great Party! Great write-up. I was the Vegas Showgirl, who. like Cinderella, had to take the train back to the suburbs that night, so missed most of the dancing. Glad ya’ll liked the costume! I thought is was funny, and comfy! Perfect location for the style and size of the party! Thanks, JLC!

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