Channeling Your Feminine Energy


There are two types of reactions that the title of this article elicits. The eye roll followed by what are you talking about? Seriously?, or the inquisitive hmm…do tell. I want to start by saying this: no, this is not for everyone. However, yes, I do believe everyone can benefit from this. I believe the key to this area of study is to take what means the most to you, what resonates in your life right this very second, and apply those learnings. That being said, if you’re still with me, I’d like to tell you a little more about feminine energy. Well actually, all energy!

I recently attended the JLCU: Leadership Series: The Power of Feminine Energy where Rebecca Niziol, certified life coach and yoga instructor, lead a group of eager, skeptical, but intrigued JLC women through a high level session on how to embrace their feminine energy and how to use it in their personal and professional lives.

We started with a sort of word association exercise to tap into our core energy and whether it was masculine or feminine. Masculine energy is very rigid and direct while feminine energy is more open, abstract, and encompassing. Some word comparisons were easy to relate to like ‘analytical’ or ‘creative’ while others left us scratching our heads a bit like ‘being’ or ‘rushing’. Some words even made us a little uncomfortable and defensive like ‘surrender’ or ‘allow’. This opened up a conversation of feminine versus masculine energy and what our core energy really was. We had a great mix of masculine and feminine core energies in our group, which made for good conversation because, yes, women can have a masculine core energy and men can have a feminine core energy. What is important to realize is what your core energy is and how you can tap into the other energy state when you need to, all while still being grounded in your core and able to return back to that state of being.

Personally, my core energy is feminine. This is the state I need to be in to be at my best and attract the best type of people to me–both in my personal and professional life. Of course there are times when I want or need to tap into my masculine energy, but what I need to work on is always returning to my natural core energy state. I was very interested in hearing how the women with masculine core energies thought and felt about different situations discussed because it’s not something I am familiar with as being a ‘natural’ state. When I reach into my masculine energy it can be very draining. So from my frame of mind I’m thinking, how can people sustain this way of being? And it’s an easy answer–it’s their core energy. I never really thought about it in that context. It’s what feels natural and effortless to them.

Rebecca gave us some tools such as a gratitude practice – listing everything you are thankful for – or keeping a receiving journal – writing down everything you have received in one day whether it is a gift, compliment, or help with a task. These practices are designed to bring us back to our core energy after a stressful day or situation because when you take a moment to do this, it calms you. As she said, “you can’t be mad or stressed while listing these things” and she is right. I encourage you right now to list five things are you grateful for or five things you received this week. Are these things pulling in wonderful memories that replaced, even for a minute, any stress or anxiety you were feeling? Maybe you are even smiling right now as you think of these things. That is the exact response this exercise is trying to illicit. This is bringing you back to your core.

At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that we want to strive to be our best and put our best foot forward. This is one way that we can be at our best, as women. If you are trying to exude the energy that is not your natural core, not only could it come off as disingenuous, but it takes so much more physical energy out of you than if you pull from your core energy. As I said before, when I have a stressful day at work of having to reach in to my masculine energy tool-box (if you will) constantly, I am exhausted when I get home. What I need to work on is how I can tap into the one ‘masculine’ trait I need at that time, use it, and return to my natural energy state.

I could talk about this topic until I’m blue in the face! Don’t even get me started on how much I think men should learn to tap into their feminine energy! Instead, I invite everyone to do some research on this and find what resonates with you. What can you do in your life to live to the fullest and maximize your energy? I am just starting to do this as well and have a long road ahead of me, but I am excited to get started.

If you would like to read more on Rebecca’s practice and the philosophy behind her work, please visit her website.

By Kate Testa, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member


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  1. Thanks to all who came out for this JLCU! I think we all learned a lot and had a great conversation. Rebecca will be returning for another JLCU in February, all about starting a meditation practice. Check out the calendar for details!

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