Tips from a Relationship Coach


Are you ready to find that special someone in your life? Have you been looking for your true love, but are growing increasingly frustrated because it still hasn’t happened for you? As you watch your friends settling down, do you find yourself wondering if there is something wrong with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a relationship coach may be the answer to your problems. This is exactly what Abrian Suazo does.

Abrian Suazo is a relationship coach who works with women who want to attract a life partner by encouraging them to express their authentic selves so that they are able to get what they most want out of life. Abrian has extensive coaching skills and believes that each person has a soul mate out there and by better understanding ourselves we are able to transmit energy that will attract a person who is perfect for us.

During one of our JLCU events, Abrian came to speak to us about some of the main mistakes women are making that are sabotaging our own happiness, and what we can do to change them. So what are these barriers you may be wondering? To give you an idea, I am going to touch on three of the main mistakes Abrian discussed and briefly list how you can change them.

Mistake one: Buying into limiting beliefs or false beliefs we hold about ourselves based on experiences we have had. This can stop us from taking chances and causes us to send out bad energy.

Solution: We have to accept that these beliefs are not facts, that they are simply created in our minds to protect us. To fix this mistake we need to change the negative beliefs to positive ones. One way of doing this is to write down positive statements about ourselves and read them everyday until they become our new beliefs.

Mistake two: Taking care of everyone else’s needs before our own. When we sacrifice our own needs we become emotionally and physically unhealthy, which can cause us to become resentful or depressed.

Solution: Prioritize self-care in your life, give yourself permission to enjoy pleasure.

Mistake three: Not stepping into our own power, which causes us to hold ourselves back and feel like we don’t have the power to change things in our life. In turn, this can effect our actions, causing us to engage in self-destructive behavior.

Solution: Accept and celebrate who you are. Realize that you hold within yourself the power to create your own happiness. You have to stop making yourself the victim and be yourself because the more authentic you are the more you attract the people in your life who are good for you. Focus more on the things you like about yourself, stop worrying about what other people think, and when there are times you feel powerless read the positive statements that you have written about yourself.

If you choose to see a relationship coach like, Abrian, they will help you to identify specific barriers in your own life and help you to come up with solutions to change yourself for the better. This event was truly insightful and I hope you found this information to be as interesting as I did!

By Lauren Hardy, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member


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