Breast Feeding Tips & Tricks


On Monday, April 27 the Junior League of Chicago welcomed Elizabeth Sjoblom, RN, BSN, IBCLC from Lactation Partners, a company dedicated to answering all the questions that come with having a newborn, particularly questions concerning breast feeding. Elizabeth, a certified lactation specialist highlighted the following:

Benefits of Breast Feeding

  • Ideal infant nutrition
  • Provides antibodies to your baby
  • Prevents your child from numerous diseases and allergies

Hunger Cues

  • Waking up
  • Rooting (turning head towards breast with mouth open)
  • Mouth movement

Tips for Easier Feeding

  • Find a comfortable place (couch)
  • Undress baby to the diaper
  • Place baby with her nose to your nipple and baby’s tummy touching mommy’s tummy
  • If baby falls asleep during nursing, gently squeeze your breast – milk will move into the baby’s mouth and awaken her

Additional Reminders

  • By day four, you should be feeding 8-12 times a day
  • Baby should have 4-5 wet diapers in 24 hours
  • Bottles should be introduced at 4-6 weeks and offered 3-4 times a week

Call your lactation specialist with ANY questions! Lactation Partners:  (847) 679-5358

By Laura Howell, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member


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