Becoming Your Own Personal Trainer


On Monday, May 11, the Junior League of Chicago (JLC) hosted Andrea Scott, a motivational speaker, who promotes finding your health profile, and leaving a healthy legacy in a JLCU session on becoming your own personal trainer. Reflecting on her childhood as the daughter of a Michigan swim official, her collegiate career as a gymnast, and her adult life as a nationally ranked racquetball player, Scott stresses the importance of finding an exercise that works for you. Though magazines provide the promise of finding a healthier, sexier, happier you, Scott believes that these magazines and websites have too much rhetoric about being healthy. There are only so many healthy “tips” we can read before it becomes an overload of information.

Running may seem like a universal exercise for cardio junkies and yoga may be the zen way to get toned, but not all exercise is created equal when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. Scott recommends finding an exercise that involves accountability. If your teammates are waiting on you to pitch a softball game, then you are less likely to find excuses for skipping your workout. Similarly, working out with others allows for social interaction and healthy competition. While Scott jests that shoe shopping is a social and competitive example of interval training, she advocates for developing a healthy routine to leave a legacy for your family. Early in life, children emulate their parent’s habits. However, as adults, children have to care for their parents. Parents who avoid their health issues can require intensive care later in life, which places a strain on familial relationships. Scott even shares her experiences with her late mother.

Although neglecting your health can cause damaging side effects, Scott believes that it is never too late to find your best, healthiest, sexiest self.

By Jacalyn Smith, 2014-15 Topics & Trends staff member


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