#DateMe: an OKCupid Experiment


Here are some fast facts about the online dating world:

  • One-in-five adults ages 25-34 years old have used online dating.
  • One-third of married couples in the US met online
  • One-in-five online daters have asked someone else to help them with their profile

All of these facts, and more are discussed, analyzed, and joked about in #DateMe: an OKCupid Experiment.

I bought my boyfriend and I tickets to see #DateMe for his birthday, which is ironic because we met on an online dating app (Hinge, to be specific). So I decided to swipe right on the tickets and I’m glad I did.

Robyn, a woman who is asked by her friend help her with her online dating profile. Intrigued by what she finds on OKCupid she sets up a fake account where she mainly discusses her love for cats. She doesn’t think anyone will reach out, but soon her inbox is flooded with messages.

Robyn proceeds to set up a whole slew of fake accounts to see what kind of messages she will get. She sets strict rules on how to communicate with others and making sure she doesn’t lead people on. After receiving hundreds of strange, absurd, and weird messages the #DateMe show was created.

All the dialogue in the show is from actual conversations with people online and when someone writes something in all caps, the actors interpret it as someone yelling. There’s also some improv that incorporates the audience. For our show, the improv started a little slow, but ended up being very funny.

If you and your boyfriend, girlfriend, or maybe-we-will-maybe-we-won’t friend are looking for something to do, I wholeheartedly recommend this show. It would make a great Valentine’s Day present, especially if you found your significant other by swiping right.

The show is at Chicago’s famous Second City and are available for purchase here: http://www.secondcity.com/shows/chicago/dateme-an-okcupid-experiment/

By: Kate Neuns, Topics & Trends Committee Member 2015-16



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