JLC Healthy Series at Equinox


The Junior League of Chicago (JLC) has been putting on several events within the Healthy Lifestyle Series that has been promoting various ways league members can improve their overall health. I asked the organizer of the event Katie Rudersdorf what the goals are for this series are and she said, “Our goal at the end of the day is to have our members come to our events excited and open to learning new things about themselves. We want them to come to the JLCU’s looking to make new friends while exploring new ideas in a comfortable environment.” Their latest event met those goals and more. There have been a series of events happening over the last few months because there has been some interest in these types of events within the league, “As with past years, there has been a good amount of interest around balancing lifestyles both from a leadership, family, and health perspective. On the physical health side, Jessica Douglas (my planning partner in crime) and I have had a fitness trainer come speak at the house to give helpful Holiday tips as well as hosted a Soul Cycle event. For our continued health series, we really felt trying out a gym or a fitness class was the next step!” said Katie.

To continue in the spirit of classes on Saturday March 19th JLC held another JLCU for the Healthy Lifestyle Series: Exploring a Healthier you at Equinox. We attended class at the Equinox in the loop located at 200 West Monroe Street. I asked Katie how they decided on Equinox, “There was such a good turnout (and waitlist) for the Soul Cycle event that we wanted to capitalize on this interest group. Shortly after the event, I approached the Equinox loop location to see if they would be interested in helping us out. I figured this location wouldn’t be as busy on the weekends allowing them time to adequately accommodate our group and loop’s central location could help to open the event to women who live all over the city.” We all took a cardio and strength training class led by our wonderful instructor Jim Jalove who is a personal trainer and Leader of Equinox Fitness Group. From the moment I walked in I knew it would be a tough but fun class. After some motivation from Jim we were all pumped.

The class was a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that had us consistently pushing ourselves further and further. We started with some stretching then kicked it up a notch with high knees and then we kicked it up another notch with squats followed by lunges and believe me we went even stronger than that with burpees, wall sits, jumping, planks, and more. While the class was tough the motivation that we received from Jim and other league members kept everyone going. The best part about this for me was the partner section of the workout. My partner was Rachel Kelly who’s an associate within the league currently and Rachel did awesome when we partnered for the last portion of class.

As we are still in the first part of the New Year I’m sure many people have made resolutions to get healthy in 2016 and JLC can help all its members do just that. It’s important that we all live healthy lifestyles so that we can continue to always help others and be an example wherever we go. Katie believes so as well, “I think there is significant importance to living a healthy lifestyle
however it is extremely subjective and there isn’t a one size fits all solution. In order to be successful, I think it’s important to expose yourself to a number of different healthy eating tips and scalable exercise routines. As busy women, we need flexibility in our lives and finding a healthy approach to eating and exercise is important as it impacts how we feel about ourselves both today and in the future.” If you’re thinking about joining a club I would said Equinox is definitely a top contender. At the loop location everyone on the staff is wonderful, not to mention there is Freshii downstairs before you walk out which allowed all of us to re-fuel for the rest of our day. I’ll definitely continue attending events within the Healthy Series and just like Jim said, “This class is what you make it and remember fitness is a journey not a destination.”

By: Kristen Rice, Topics and Trends Committee Member 2015-16



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