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The Junior League of Chicago members are fortunate to have some amazing Members Like Me Group that allow their IMG_7025members to get out and explore the city, and meet other members that share common interests. I recently got on board with the members like me dine out group, headed by Fran Pukala. I highly recommend joining this group.  Fran sets up small dining groups every month (typically 4-5 people) and this is a great way to not only try new restaurants that have been on your bucket list, but it allows you to actively meet and chat with other committee members.

Caroline Thompson(CT): Why did you start the MLM Dine Out group?
Fran Pukala (FP):  I started the MLM group because I like to try new and unique restaurants and cuisines.  I just hoped at least few other League members would enjoy the same.  To date, our email list is at 106 members (active, associate and sustainer).
CT: How many restaurants have you organized since the beginning?
FT: We started the group in March 2015, we have been to 50 restaurants so far.
CT: How do you pick the restaurants?
FP: I pick the restaurants based on members feedback and requests. I always schedule the most requested restaurants first. Due to high demand, we had multiple reservations at both Bar Sienna and Girl and the Goat.
CT: What are you favorite places so far? (or favorite Chicago restaurants in general)
FP: My favorite brunch spot is Trenchmen and for dinner, I have really enjoyed Ruxbin, Masda and Momotaro.
CT: What if someone has dietary restrictions, can they still participate?
FP: We have a few people with dietary restrictions in the group, in my experience, I think a lot of consideration is put into the ordering and working out the check.  Most reservations are for 4-5 people, it’s so easy to talk things out.
I hope you’ll participate in  a MLM Dine Out soon, and if you already have, I hope you continue to do so! I know I personally really enjoyed the experience. We dined at Yusho, a Japanese Grill and Noodle restaurant in Logan Square. It was so quaint and the food was excellent. I would never have known about it if it hadn’t been for the dining group. It was also great to meet a couple of new members, and reconnect with some I already knew.
Bon Appetit!
By: Caroline Thompson, Topics & Trends Co-chair 2015-2016

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