DIAD: Family Day at Providence Englewood Charter School


On October 22nd, nine ladies from the League volunteered to help with the Done in a Day (DIAD) at Providence Englewood Charter School for their second Family Day celebration. The carnival took place from noon until 2 PM where volunteers helped serve concessions and run gamesedited-8-1 for the students and families.

Games took place in the gymnasium and consisted of pumpkin tosses and face painting, among others. The students delighted in the games and especially enjoyed winning prizes at each booth. Carnival snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and nachos were also available to guests and volunteers. Students also had the opportunity to venture through an inflatable haunted house maze on the school’s front lawn. As volunteers we were able to take part in the maze too, which was a spooky good time!
Providence Englewood (PECS) is a Charter School with students from kindergarten through 8th grade. This school is part of the public education system and enrollment is free, with its main purpose being to prepare students for success in high school and ultimately enrollment in college. Since openingin 2006, PECedited-3-1S students consistently score higher on state tests than schools in surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, all graduates of PECS have been accepted into premier high schools in Chicago!
Thanks to DIAD event chair Julie Amundson and Development Director of PECS Stephenie Lazarus
for creating a great volunteer experience and enjoyable day for the students and families.

By Amy Marchlen 2016-17 Topics & Trends Committee Member


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