Diversity Steering Committee’s Dinner With The League


Did you know that in high poverty schools, one out of every four classes is taught by an out-of-field teacher? Compare this to wealthier schools, where only one out of nine classes is taught by an out-of-field teacher and it is hard to ignore the discrepancy (Source: Almy and Theokas, 2010). This statistic was just one of the many eye opening figures shared at the Diversity Steering Committee’s Dinner With The League on February 8th.

image2 (3)The dinner, held at Emilio’s Tapas in Streeterville, was an excellent mix of good food, great company and enlightening conversations. The evening started with an exercise in matching photos of 2016 global diversity leaders to their written descriptions. This exercise proved to be much more difficult than initially anticipated and revealed just how easy it is to recognize celebrities, and how many of us often overlook individuals who are achieving great things but may not be as visible to the public eye.


A multi-course tapas meal followed, which included: tortilla Española, Serrano ham, and countless other image1 (2)authentic Spanish tapas. The most impressive course was a massive and extremely delicious paella, which required the full attention of two servers to transport. Mid-dinner there was a short break to fill out an eight question multiple choice quiz. The results to the quiz revealed through facts and figures the stark inequalities that still exist in modern day America, such as the fact revealed at the start of this article. The topics discussed in the quiz served as great openers for more thorough discussions. The dinner was educational and sparked great dialogue amongst participants, all shared over a delicious meal.

Thank you to Diversification Director, Ozlem Akcakoca, and the whole Diversity Steering Committee for putting on such a wonderful evening.


By Kirsten Larson Butler, 2016-17 Topics & Trends staff member


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