Sips at Six: A Fabulous Way to Connect With Fellow JLC Members


After a busy day’s work, sometimes the only thing a girl wants to do is indulge in a glass of wineor sparkling water at a swanky lounge and unwind with a few gal pals. And every second Thursday evening of the month, Junior League of Chicago members can do just thanks to the Sips at Six Members Like Me group.

In February, about 15 JLC members and associates gathered for drinks, appetizers and Sips at Six 4
conversation at the Silversmith Hotel’s Adamus Lounge. Sips at Six is a great way for associates to learn more about the league, and new members can do the same while also meeting JLC vets with whom they can forge new friendships.
The MLM group is a great way to learn about the goings on in other committees outside of your own. This intel can be valuable when it comes time to decide which placements you are most interested in for the upcoming JLC year. Additionally, Sips at Six provides attendees the ability
to network with other professional women that can offer counsel, tips and possibly connections to other work, philanthropic and social opportunities.
Another notable bonus of Sips at Six is the chance to check out places in the city with which you may not be familiar. Each month’s meeting location is different, allowing you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.
Interested in seeing what this MLM group is all about? Check out the upcoming Sips at Six gathering on Thursday, March 9 at Baptiste & Bottle, located on the 20th floor of the Chicago Conrad Hotel, 101 E. Erie St. The event runs for two hours starting at 6:00 p.m. You can sign up to RSVP here (
By Aricka Flowers-Turck, Topics & Trends Staff Member, 2016-2017

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