Hamilton is Worth Every Penny


I hate musicals.  Okay, not all musicals, but most.  I have seen the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast on stage and enjoyed both.  I think it’s because there’s a magical element already in those stories, so the songs don’t seem out of place.  But, I have a very hard time enjoying regular people breaking into song and dance – so much so that I had to take a 30-minute break in the middle of Les Misérables because my ears and brain needed to recover.

So, you can appreciate that I must love my husband a lot to buy tickets to Hamilton for us for his 30th birthday.  Luckily for me, Hamilton was unlike any musical I’ve ever seen and one of the best nights we’ve had since moving to Chicago last year.  

From the opening number to curtain close, Hamilton is an engaging, exciting and educational show.  I especially loved the songs Alexander Hamilton, The Schuyler Sisters, Right Hand Man, Satisfied and Yorktown – in fact the whole album has been steadily playing on my Spotify for the past few weeks.  The entire cast was incredible.  Alexander Gemignani was hilarious as King George III and we were lucky enough to attend a show during Wayne Brady’s run as Aaron Burr – he was excellent.

If you are able to get tickets, Hamilton is worth every penny (or hundreds of dollars, I should say).  Performances are scheduled through September 17, 2017 at the PrivateBank Theatre, so you still have time!  For more information on tickets, including the lottery for $10 tickets, visit www.broadwayinchicago.com/show/hamilton-an-american-musical.

By: Kate Croft, 2016-2017 topics and trends committee member


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