Neighborhoods of the World: Celebrate Greece


On Sunday March 26th the Festies MLM group met for their first gathering of the year. The group, organized by Melissa Reyes, provides an opportunity for JLC members to get together and explore the countless festivals and events that take place throughout Chicago. This group is perfect for anyone wanting to meet new people while also expanding their horizons of all of the happenings going on in our city.

For this outing, the group met at the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier to check out the Neighborhoods of the World: Celebrate Greece festival. The festival is part of a larger seven-week program put on by Navy Pier to celebrate various cultures and communities that make up our great city of Chicago.

At the center of the Crystal Gardens and one of the highlights of the festival itself was the live Greek music that set the lively atmosphere for the festival. The music was accompanied by dance performances of folk dancers of all ages that were not only having fun but also provided great entertainment.

Several staple Greektown restaurants were onsite preparing fresh food. The restaurants provided complimentary food samples, which gave fest-goers the opportunity to taste authentic Greek cuisine. Everyone was also given a complimentary olive oil taster kit and pouch of Kalamata olives to take a small piece of Greece home.

Taking a short but sweet get away (with no flight required!) to Greece was the perfect excursion on a grey cloudy March day. As we head into warmer weather, get ready for outdoor festival season to really kick off and even more outings hosted by the Festies group. Be sure to join the JLC Festies MLM Facebook group to hear about more upcoming events.


By Kirsten Larson Butler 2016-17 staff member


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