National Volunteer Week


It’s National Volunteer Week!

Did you know there is one week out of the year that is dedicated to honoring volunteers just like you?

Back in 1974, President Richard Nixon signed an executive order creating National Volunteer Week as a means to recognize and applaud Americans who offer their time and talents to assist those in need. Over the years, the week has also been used as a way to encourage others to participate in service-oriented civic activities.

It is important to note that our neighbors to the north, Canada, originated the idea of National Volunteer Week back in 1943 as a way to highlight the work women were doing to keep the home front strong during World War II. After the Women’s Voluntary Services group kick started the idea of holding events to celebrate the work of their peers during the war, the practice of honoring volunteers spilled out to other areas of civic engagement. Now, both Canadians and Americans host National Volunteer Week concurrently each year.

Considering it is National Volunteer Week, perhaps you can take some time out of your schedule to lend a helping hand at a local food shelter or sign up to become a JLC Associate Counselor and help mold the League’s next group of volunteers. And be sure to keep an eye out for new Done in a Day opportunities, which are great way to have a positive, direct and immediate impact on the Chicago community.

By Aricka Flowers-Turck, 2016-17 Topics & Trends Staff Member


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