Sustainer of the Month: Liz Morgan


Meet Liz Morgan, a Senior Account Executive in Digital Marketing Automation at Salesforce. Liz currently lives in Chicago’s Gold Coast area.

Quick Q&A with Liz:

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Chicago? I am a Michigander and have been in Chicago four years this October.

Why did you join the Junior League and have you ever participated in another League outside of Chicago? I joined our Chicago League thanks to meeting Kelly Royer Dolyniuk, who was on the transfer committee! Originally I joined the Jr League of Detroit for the opportunity to contribute to my community and make friends in my new hometown.

How long have you been a Sustainer? 20+ years

What is your favorite JLC event or MLM? I have always love hands on volunteering and yet now I am enjoying the marvelous sustainer social events; especially our First Friday

As a sustainer, how do you stay involved in the League (MLM groups, First Fridays, etc.)? Euchre, Socials, First Friday’s.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago? I am a local hood fan so I choose the iconic Gibson’s.

Name your favorite holiday. Absolutely hands down it is Christmas which is filled with family, fun, holiday spirit and yummy food.

Let’s hear about the activity that you think is most fun to do in Chicago (museum, 5k, festival, etc.)? I love the Color Run, I am a member of the Art Institute and MCA, and love my walks along the lakefront or through Lincoln Park.

What’s your guilty pleasure (food, TV show, etc.)? Netflix binging when one of my children visits and Jeni’s amazing ice cream (any flavor will do).

What piece(s) of advice to do you have for other ladies of the League? It’s so much about relationships; I have life-long friends old and new from my time in the League and then to top it off the material difference we make in our communities is rewarding, remarkable and a point of pride.


By Christina Weber, 2017-18 Topics & Trends staff member


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